СГ2 type Coppers Water-heating

СГ2 type Coppers Water-heating

Appointment – coppers water-heating the СГ2 type are intended for heating of residential and public buildings and also providing with their hot water.

Can be applied in stationary and closed heat supply systems, with temperature of heating of water isn’t higher 115 0С.




1. Code                                                                  СГ2-150                   СГ2-600                     СГ2-2000

1. Type – stationary

2. Working volume of a tank, m3                                 0,15                         0,6                               2,0

3. Temperature of heating of water, 0С (To)

— Maximum (on an exit) – 95 (368)

— Worker 90 (369)

4. Heat productivity, kcal/hour                                  150000                     600000                        1200000

5. The working provision of a tank – horizontal

6. Management of a copper – from a control panel, completely automated

7. Overall dimensions, mm.

— length, L1380 2100 2600

— width, B800 1400 1850

— height, H1050 1500 1980

8. Weight, kg. 435 1395 450




1. Device

1.1. The water-heating copper consists of a tank 8, the smoke chamber 4, the furnace chamber 6, a door of the furnace chamber 10 and casings 13 and 14. The general view of a copper is given in fig. 1.

1.2. The water tank of a copper is a welded metal construction and has the cylindrical form, both ends which are closed by steel leaves. In the center of a copper there is its fire chamber (or the furnace chamber). For an exit of exhaust gases from a copper and for additional heating of water round a fire chamber steel pipes in a certain quantity are symmetrically placed.

1.3. Inside fire chamber door line with fire-resistant material.

1.4. During operation from the outer side to a door the gas torch is attached.

1.5. For opening and closing a door it is equipped with four handles.

1.6. The smoke chamber of a copper is equipped with a safety valve of spring type that provides safety of the service personnel.

1.7 Filling of a water tank by water is carried out from the water line of the enterprise consumer.

1.8. By manometer and thermometer establishment on lines of supply of hot water, it is possible to supervise a copper operating mode.

1.9. In a design of a water-heating copper the broad tank is provided

1.10. Generally water-heating coppers of the SG2 type are equipped with the following branch pipes and means

1) branch pipe filling tank fresh water

2) branch pipe of supply of hot water

3) a branch pipe for plum of drainage waters

4) a branch pipe for water plum from a copper

5) safety valve of spring type

6) broad tank

According to the requirement (or at a request) the consumer (or the customer) for an additional payment the copper in addition can equipped by the enterprises-product:

— electro pump

— gas torch

— magneto-actuator etc.