About company

«B.Sardarov Machinery Plant» OJSC is an enterprise widely renown at post-soviet area which has passed a complex restructuring for adaptation to the demands of modern market of oil & gas technologies.

The plant is functional since 1926 and is one of the main manufacturers of oil & gas equipment in Azerbaijan Republic in set of “AZNEFTKIMYAMASH” Derivative Open Joint Stock Company. The plant is located in Binagadi settlement of Baku city and has advantageous geographical and economical location — plant has direct access to international railway network, and nearness location of Caspian Sea provides an access to seaways. Total area of Plant is 40 hectare, 12 hectare of which consists of covered workshops equipped with all the machinery capable to manufacture any complicated structures and mechanisms.

The plant supplies its products on a regular basis to countries of close foreign — Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Ukraine as well as the countries of Far Foreign such as Turkey, Iran, Algeria, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, Mongolia and etc.

Considering the inflow of foreign companies and endorsement of “Contract of Century “a strict necessity for adaptation to the new requirements of market and especially for incorporation of new technology and operation methods had emerged. A complex restructuration had been conducted with involvement of new equipment, technology and methods of manufacture, was executed a requalification of professional personnel with engagement of new specialists, was essentially increased a range of manufactured goods. Nowadays there are following workshops operating at Plant -mechanical, mechanical-assembly shop, forge-heat-treating shop, foundry and electroplating shop, equipped with turning machines, milling machines with digitally and manually operated, forge-heat-treating and transport-lifting equipment with capacity of 10, 15, 25tn.

Our enterprise offers for provision the “DILIBOZ+” type semitrailers with the tonnage of 25 tons and length of 12,6m of our own manufacture, distinguished by durability and other quality showings. We also manufacture and supply concrete-mixers mounted on the mentioned trailers. Also the plant manufactures and successfully sells DKM (SM-89) and ZM (NKM) type stone-cutter machines.

In addition the fabrication of portable cabins and various tank equipment can also be listed among mill’s products. Also the plant is specialized in manufacture of components of drilling rig integration, shale shakers, units for preparation works for well workover, diaphragm pump sets, units for field electric systems maintenance, units for pulling units maintenance & servicing, as well as the aforesaid traveling blocks, crown blocks and hooks with operational tonnage of 15-50 tons, trailer assembly cranes with the tonnage of 25-40 tons and etc. Attached see the list of goods manufactured at plant.

Since 1976 we are the sole manufacturers of KP-2, KP-3M and 12KP-3U turn type (rotary) cranes, which still serve as business card of our enterprise.

Together with production of oilfield goods Plant also deals with assembling and realization of vehicles. KAMAZ type trucks are being assembled and DILIBOZ+ type semitrailers of 25tn are manufactured at B. Sardarov Plant.

Also at the plant started the manufacture and refurbishment of oil country tubular goods — casing, oil well tubing and drilling pipes with couplings for them — meeting the requirements of API and GOST standards. Manufacture is set up by expatriate specialists with appliance of new western technology and processing methods.

Recently «B.Sardarov Machinery Plant» OJSC and “Lanzhou Petroleum & Chemical Machinery Works” enterprise, being a qualified manufacturer of oil equipment, products of which are have earned fame far beyond the frontiers of China, have started to manufacture jointly the high quality drilling/workover rigs with the tonnage up to 130 tons per API (American Petroleum Institute) Standard. The products of our partner are popular in USA, India and countries of South America. We guarantee the provision of high quality equipment within the shortest terms. In the closest future it’s intended to establish a partnership in field of joint production of pump jacks per API standard. Pump jacks of this kind are already can be seen at oilfields of Azerbaijan Republic. Also a preparation to x-mass trees manufacturing is almost completed.

The plant has passed a certification and is registered per ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The level of arrangement of labor and production of technological processes ensure the stable output of high quality products. Products quality is also provided by using progressive technological equipment, instrumentation, means of mechanization and control. The plant is equipped with welfare industrial premises with all essential communications, possesses railway access roads.

All of the aforesaid resources and opportunities as well as the flexible pricing system, payment terms, conditions and terms of delivery in set with high quality of products, are the pledge of our long-term cooperation with our partners.